Type Cypher

Inspired by rap cyphers—an assembly of rappers taking turns spitting improvised verses—Type Cypher, my entry for the 2021 edition of @36daysoftype, is a gathering of different letterforms, exchanging styles, forms, flows, and ideas with one another in a freestyle manner.
Type Cypher has a total of 9 decorative typefaces — 342 letters & numbers including Ñ and Ng of the Filipino alphabet. All letterforms mainly inspired by Blackletter, graffiti, Arabic calligraphy, dark visuals, paranormal, and Philippine occult tradition.
All characters are done digitally (freestyle) using Mouse Calligraphy, a technique made in Adobe Illustrator (Brush Tool) using a computer mouse.
Type Cypher project has won a Certificate of Typographic Excellence this year (2022) at the 68th Type Directors Club Awards under the Communication Design-Experimental category. 

It will be included in the Annual of the Type Directors Club, The World’s Best Typography®, and will also be shown at the 68th Awards Exhibition (TDC68) in New York City and in identical exhibitions around the world.

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